Driving Speed and Integrity in Gen AI Solutions

We are obsessed with delivering operational readiness for GenAI applications through integrity assurance. Our groundbreaking R.A.P.I.D platform combined with Industry Playbooks brings transparency, security, and governance to your GenAI journey.

Our Capabilities

Accelerated AI Strategy that’s deep-tech and business-centric

AI Frameworks that manage risk and deliver integrity assurance

Data Readiness for Successful AI Execution

Fine Tuned Gen AI Models for business use case and accuracy

Value Drivers

Ensuring AI with Integrity and Observability

R.A.P.I.DTM Framework delivers integrity assurance, security controls and model performance metrics to cater to US Whitehouse Executive Order and European AI Regulations

Our Commitment to Faster AI Adoption

Activate revolutionary R.A.P.I.DTM Framework and Pilot an AI Use Case in 12 Weeks

Strategize & Unravel AI Business Problems

Defining AI roadmap, Rationalizing AI use cases, Standardized AI development, trustworthiness of AI models

Industry Verticals



Banking & Finance


Case Study

A Caribbean Bank Creates a Google Data Platform and AI Strategy for Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Partnerships

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